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Kazuhiro Fukushima, Online exhibition from May 5th.

We will have an online exhibition of Kazuhiro Fukushima. It will be started from May 3rd 0am. Please check his works.

Online Exhibition, Hagi Potter Touri Yoshino

Online Exhibition, Touri Yoshino from Hagi From 19th April. Please check his works.

Shigaraki, Kazuya Furutani’s online exhibition.

From the 15th of March, we will have an online exhibition of Kazuya Furutani, the shigaraki potter. Please check his works.

Next Online Exhibition

We will have an online exhibition from March 1st 2024. Bizen yaki potter, Takashi Baba.

Satoru Omae, online exhibition.

from december 15th. Omae Satoru from Awaji island. Please check his works.

Takashi Tanimoto, Iga potter. Online Exhibition.

From December 1st. Iga Potter Takashi Tanimoto’s online exhibition. “KoIga”, it’s “Old Iga ware”. Takashi Tanimoto, a potter who approaches the mysterious Japanese pottery “KoIga”. Please see his works.

Teppei Terada, Online Exhibition.

We will have an Online Exhibition of Seto Potter, Teppei Terada from 17th November. It will show about 50 items on the exhibition, please see his works.

Kazuyuki Suizu, Online Exhibition.

Kazuyuki Suizu, the Hagi ware potter. We will have his online exhibition from November 3rd. Please check his items.

Katsunori Sawa, Shigaraki Potter. Online exhibition from Oct. 5

Shigaraki yaki potter, Katsunori Sawa’s online exhibition.

Online exhibition, Tamba potter, Masafumi Onishi

We will have an online exhibition of Masafumi Onishi, the Tamba ware potter.   It will started on the 17th August.