Nozomu Shinohara

1972: Born in Osaka Prefecture.
1991: Learned under FURUTANI Nobuo at Shigaraki.
1998: Completed the Graze Course at Industrial Research Center of Shiga Prefecture.
1999: Independent at Kinose, Shigaraki City, Shiga Prefecture.
2000: First solo exhibition (Gallery Touen / Shigaraki City, Shiga).
2004: Established a new kiln.
2017: Making in Haystack (MI / USA) and Penland (NC / USA)
    Visited to Seagrove (NC / USA).
    “ART LOUNGE 2019 Spring exhibition Installation for spring “Flower Vessels” (Park Hotel Tokyo / Tokyo).
Selected, “Japan Traditional Crafts Exhibition in Kinki Area” etc.
And more joint exhibitions and exhibits.

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