Osamu Inayoshi

1976: Born in Toyohashi city,Aichi Prefecture
2002: Graduated Seto pottery school. Had training at a Mino-Ware pottery
Won award for excellence at the 56th Seto city art exhibition
2007: Started as an independent ceramic artist in Toyohashi city
2011: Anagama kiln building at Kakidaira with Mr Derek Larsen
Damine Castle Exhibition BRICK
2012: NCECA teaware from the Edge tea bowl Exhibition the Gallery at tcc (WA)
NCECA teaware from the Edge workshop Jeff shapiro Richard milgrim
Rob fornell tacoma community college (WA)
Teabowls and sake cups a kindred spirit lacoste gallery (MA)
Jordan schnitzer museum of art collection (OR)
NSECA calld teaware From the Edge Cavin-mories gallery (NY)
2012: International Orton Cone Box Show (US)
shuki the intimate vessels of sake Vessels gallery (MA)
First SOLO Exhibition at Robert Yellin Yakimono Gallery (Kyoto)
2014: Oregon Workshop Tour for Winter 2014 (OR)
SOLO Exhibition at Robert Yellin Yakimono Gallery (Kyoto)
2015: ART san diego 2015 /Spectrum gallery
2016: SOLO Exhibition at Robert Yellin Yakimono Gallery (Kyoto)
HONEN-IN Temple 「collection」(Kyoto)
Contemporary Sake Lacoste Gallery (MA)
the 45th Chouza tokoname pottery exhibition
2017: Contemporary sake SCHALLR GALLERY (MI)
2018: Japanese contemporary ceramic art gallery GANSUI
solo tea bowl exhibition (kyoto)
陶渓川 Autumn art fair (景徳鎮/China)
International sake ware exhibition /The Stratford gallery (uk)
2020: Last Solo Exhibition at the closing of Honokuni Department Store
(Former Toyohashi Maruei)
Sacral Landscapes:an Online Exhibition of Intimate Earth
Treasure of Japan Ceramic Exhibition/The Stratford Gallery(UK)
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