About revision of pricing



Thanks to all of you, we have been managing this website for about 10 years.


Until now, my store has been selling items in US dollars, including shipping costs, while keeping the exchange rate fixed. This is because I thought it would be easier for customers in the United States, as well as people around the world, to use US dollars, which includes shipping, rather than Japanese yen.

During the past 10 years, the average exchange rate was around 100 yen to 115 yen to the dollar, but due to the recent trend of depreciation of the yen against world currencies, we have decided to review the indicated price.


Therefore, from now on, we will display the price in Japanese Yen, including the shipping fee.
The payment method will continue to be PayPal, but the exchange rate will follow the PayPal exchange rate.
The PayPal’s exchange rate is linked to the exchange market, so you can easily check the current rate on the Internet.


Katsumasa Itagaki

Contributor: admin