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Online Exhibition, Hagi Potter Touri Yoshino

Online Exhibition, Touri Yoshino from Hagi From 19th April. Please check his works.

Shigaraki, Kazuya Furutani’s online exhibition.

From the 15th of March, we will have an online exhibition of Kazuya Furutani, the shigaraki potter. Please check his works.

Next Online Exhibition

We will have an online exhibition from March 1st 2024. Bizen yaki potter, Takashi Baba.

Our new potter, Hiroshi Tsuuji.

We added our new potter Hiroshi Tsuuji’s works. Hirosi Tsuuji is making his works in Kyoto. Please see his works. And also we uploaded Kazuhiro Fukushima and Masafumi Onishi’s works. Please don’t miss their works.

Uploaded Kazuhiro Fukushima and Masafumi Onishi’s works.

We added Iga potter, Kazuhiro Fukushima and Tamba potter, Masafumi Onishi. Please see them works.

Satoru Omae online ebhixition.

From December 15th, we will have an online exhibition of Satoru Omae from Awaji Island. Among the works that will be introduced during the online exhibition, there is a copy of the Raku tea bowl by Honami Koetsu (1558-1637), which […]

New works are uploaded

We added Kodai Ujiie’s works. Please check them. Due to his contract with other gallery, we are unable to sell to the US, Canada and Australia. Even if we receive your order, we may cancel it depending on the destination. […]

Teppei Terada, Online Exhibition.

We will have an Online Exhibition of Seto Potter, Teppei Terada from 17th November. It will show about 50 items on the exhibition, please see his works.

Online exhibition, Tamba potter, Masafumi Onishi

We will have an online exhibition of Masafumi Onishi, the Tamba ware potter.   It will started on the 17th August.

Japanese pottery Magazine “Honoo Geijutsu” has been published.

Honoo Geijutsu, the most famous Japanese pottery magazine in Japan has released a special edition entitled “Itoshi no Chaki”, meand “Dear tea utensils.”   Since the Azuchi-Momoyama period, tea ceremony culture has been cherished along with Japanese history. Possessing good […]

Rui Mito’s works are uploaded

We added Very very popular potter, Rui Mito’s works. Pleaes check her works at here. Rui Mito | Gallery Sentou (

Our new potter, Atsushi Furumatsu.

New potter Atsushi Furumatsu for Gallery Sentou. He uses various techniques such as Zogan and Yokoku. “Zogan”,in which letters and pictures are drawn by shaving the body of the vessel and embedding soil of different colors, “Yokoku” that makes the […]

Added Rui Mito’s works.

We uploaded Karatsu ware popular potter, Rui Mito’s works. Please do not miss her works.

Uploaded Osamu Inayoshi’s works

    We newly added Osamu Inayoshi’s works.   Please check them.

Stayed at Takashi Tanimoto’s house.

    I visited Takashi Tanimoto’s house.   We got drink till late at night. The drunkenness makes us cheerful, and the conversation shifted from pottery to music….  

Osamu Inayoshi’s work place.

    I visited Osamu Inayoshi’s workshop. It was closer to Shizuoka in Aichi Prefecture, so it was farther from Seto than I thought.   This is the second time I have visited Mr. Osamu Inayoshi, but this is the […]

Makoto Yamaguchi’s kiln

    Today’s my visiting is to Seizan Kiln where is Makoto Yamaguchi’s work space. Makoto Yamaguchi is really popular Japanese potter in the world and he will have Solo exhibition at Nagoya Mitsukoshi department store soon. It was last […]

An exhibition of Takahiro Kato at Mitsukoshi Nagoya

  I went to Nagoya Mitsukoshi to visit the exhibition of Takahiro Kato. He is a grandson of Tokuro Kato who is a legendary person in Japanese pottery group.   Since I have seen his works through magazines and online, […]

About revision of pricing

    Thanks to all of you, we have been managing this website for about 10 years.   Until now, my store has been selling items in US dollars, including shipping costs, while keeping the exchange rate fixed. This is […]

New 2 potters were added.

Shigaraki, Kazuya Furutani and Bizen, Takashi Baba’s works are updated.   Please check these 2 potters works.

Visited to Fukuoka Hakata Hankyu to see group exhibition and to get wonderful dinner time.

Makoto Yamaguchi and Katsunori Sawa are coming to Fukuoka to participate in a special exhibition at Fukuoka Hankyu, so I went to Fukuoka Hakata to see the exhibition from Yamaguchi Prefecture. I forgot to take a picture of the exhibition, […]

New works are uploaded.

New works were added Hagiyakiya “” and also Gallery Sentou “”. Hagiyakiya 15th Shinbe Sakakura, Masahiro Sakakura, Zenemon Sakakura, 13th Tohbe Tahara, Takao Tahara, Kiyoshi Yamato, Tairei Tokimatsu. Gallery Sentou Kazuhiro Fukushima, Makoto Yamaguchi, Hiroyumi Suzuki, Yu Nihioka,Katsunori Sawa. And […]

Uploaded, Tamba ware, Masafumi Onishi’s works.

We uploaded Tamba potter in Hyogo Prefecture, Masafumi Onishi’s work.   Please check his works.

Uploaded Naoto Yano’s works.

We added Naoto Yano, Karatsu potter. Please check his works.

Rui Mito’s works were uploaded.

We added Rui Mito’s works, Karatsu yaki.   She was trained at Kiyomi Kawakami’s kiln and made her own kiln.  

Trip to Karatsu yaki, December 2021 part 2. Mayumi Hamano

I visited to Mayumi Hamano.   Mayumi Hamano was introduced as a favorite potter by a Japanese famous actress (last name N, name M) on a TV program. (Shiro Hamanaka of Hagi was also introduced in this program at the […]

Trip to Karatsu yaki, December 2021 part 1. Naoto Yano

      We visited the Karatsu yaki Tonoyama Kiln, which is located in the north of Karatsu city and is close to the tourist spots of Yobuko. This is the pottery of Naoto Yano, who is a popular potter […]

Kodai Ujiie.

We added Kodai Ujiie’s works.   Please check his works. Kodai Ujiie | Gallery Sentou (  

Our new pottery, Shu Suzuki from Mino.

We newly introduce Mino young popular potter, Shu Suzuki.   Please enjoy his works.   Shu Suzuki | Gallery Sentou (

Added Ryotaro Kato’s works.

We are newly introduce Mino famous potter, Ryotaro Kato’s works.   His grandfather is ex-Japanese national treasure Takuo Kato. He inherits his kiln’s tradition and history of Mino yaki.   Please enjoy his works.