Trip to Karatsu yaki, December 2021 part 2. Mayumi Hamano

I visited to Mayumi Hamano.


Mayumi Hamano was introduced as a favorite potter by a Japanese famous actress (last name N, name M) on a TV program.
(Shiro Hamanaka of Hagi was also introduced in this program at the same time. You can see Shiro Hamanaka’s work at Hagiyakiya, so please take a look.


Her work is influenced by KoImari “old Imari” and is characterized by painting and the kind of old-style texture of vessels.
She’s got a lot of inspiration from the old pottery and analyse those, and also reproduces the good old ones for making her own best one.


Mayumi Hamano’s work is loved by men and women of all ages.
Her works are not only a fashion icon for young people, but also highly interested by Japanese pottery fans because of her strong quest for pottery.

Her work, Mayumi Hamano’s works will be introduced at Gallery Sento from around mid-January 2022.
Please take a look.

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