Visited to Fukuoka Hakata Hankyu to see group exhibition and to get wonderful dinner time.

Makoto Yamaguchi and Katsunori Sawa are coming to Fukuoka to participate in a special exhibition at Fukuoka Hankyu, so I went to Fukuoka Hakata to see the exhibition from Yamaguchi Prefecture.

I forgot to take a picture of the exhibition, but the 5 potters works of Makoto Yamaguchi, Katsunori Sawa, and Kazuyoshi Kitamura of Kutani ware, Masahiro Miyao of Bizen ware, and Yuki Inoue of Arita ware who is the grandson of Manji Inoue the Japanese national treasure were showed.
It was a very impressive exhibition with various works lined up.


In the evening, head to “Myouzyu Hirao” in Torikai, where the young master who loves pottery serves dishes.
Although the owner is still young at 34 years old, each dish created based on the knowledge and experience gained from training at various famous restaurants is very delicious that cannot be tasted at other restaurants. I had really wonderful dinner time at there with Makoto Yamaguchi and Katsunori Sawa.
This restaurant is recommended for those who want to enjoy a delicious dinner in Fukuoka around Nakasu or Hakata.


This is also a remarkable spot for Japanese pottery fans as it is a shop where you can enjoy dishes made by popular potters.


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Makoto Yamaguchi

katsunori sawa

Katsunori Sawa

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