Trip to Karatsu yaki, December 2021 part 1. Naoto Yano




We visited the Karatsu yaki Tonoyama Kiln, which is located in the north of Karatsu city and is close to the tourist spots of Yobuko.
This is the pottery of Naoto Yano, who is a popular potter in Karatsu and leads a young potter in Karatsu ware.


From his gallery, you can see the sea of ​​Karatsu and enjoy wonderful works and scenery.


Naoto Yano is fired in a climbing kiln almost every month and is trying every day to make good works as a potter.
It seems that the works of other potters may be putted in the kiln, but in order to fire the kiln every month, it is necessary to create the works a lot, and of course, it takes a long time to throw firewood. It will be also needed the energy and physical strength to do it.

As a potter, Naoto Yano is confronted with making pottery because he wants to work on it as a matter of course for his life, rather than the special work of firing this kiln several times a year. This is his proud.


Naoto Yano’s work, which is supported by pottery fans all over Japan.

We will introduce his works at Gallery Sento from around mid-January 2022.
Please looking forward to.


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