Japanese pottery Magazine “Honoo Geijutsu” has been published.

Honoo Geijutsu, the most famous Japanese pottery magazine in Japan has released a special edition entitled “Itoshi no Chaki”, meand “Dear tea utensils.”


Since the Azuchi-Momoyama period, tea ceremony culture has been cherished along with Japanese history.
Possessing good tea utensils was a great status for “Busho” warriors and cllectors, and even in modern society, leading businessmen compete to collect masterpieces of tea utensils, and tea ceremony and tea utensils are still at the center of Japanese culture.


In this issue of Hnoo Geitsu, these tea utensils by “contemporary artists” and “modern master artists” were introduced.
Mainly works and potters recommended by gallerists all over Japan are gathered together in this book, so you can check all the potters who are currently attracting attention in Japan.


This magazine introduces ceramic potters and works recommended by Gallery Sento.


The tea bowl by Makoto Yamaguchi, who is now one of the leading young ceramic potters in Japan, and the water jar by Katsunori Sawa, a popular ceramic potter.
Kodai Ujiie’s tea utensils are also listed as a recommendation from our store.

Makoto Yamaguchi

Katsunori Sawa

Kodai Ujiie

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