Satoru Omae online ebhixition.

From December 15th, we will have an online exhibition of Satoru Omae from Awaji Island.

Among the works that will be introduced during the online exhibition,
there is a copy of the Raku tea bowl by Honami Koetsu (1558-1637), which is designated as Japanese national treasure tea bowl. This Raku tea bowl is named as “Fujisan” and is preserved as one of the finest matcha tea bowls made by Honami Koetsu.

Koetsu Honami was hailed as a genius in the history of Japanese art.
In 2023, a TV program that approaches the mystery of Koetsu was broadcast on NHK, and Satoru Omae’s matcha tea bowl was used as an immitation on that occasion. He is a talented potter who can also reproduce masterpieces and has been evaluated from various aspects.

This exhibition will feature copies of Kaga Koetsu tea bowls also made by Honami Koetsu, sake cupss that incorporate the charm of Fujisan and Kaga Koetsu tea bowls, and new Shino tea bowls and Guinomi that Satoru Ohmae newly made.

Please take a look.

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